Fast Five Friday

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I’ve been unplugging from the computer a lot in order to spend more time at the pool with my kids.  It’s been very enjoyable to get out in the sun and enjoy the people there.  It’s Friday though, (and I don’t start work until 9:00 and it’s raining) so here is what piqued my interest this week.

Americans don’t take their vacation days. NPR discusses this topic

Tweet that made me laugh: sad, but maybe true.

Bad Twitter Writing Advice that I love: @BadWriteAdvice

Scariest Tweet:

New (to me) Veg:  Kolrabi



On the Healthcare Vote

Last night, the Senate attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act was defeated by a vote of 49 to 51. If the bill would have passed, it’s estimated that 16 million Americans would have lost their healthcare. For the rest of America, health insurance rates would have risen by 20% in 2018. Democratic senators along with 3 Republican Senators (Collins, Murkowski, and McCain) voted no, and the ACA is preserved.

I couldn’t sleep last night until after the vote was over.

Some say McCain was just showboating by voting against the bill at the last moment.  The whole tense situation wold have been avoided had he not voted to bring the bill to the floor in the first place.

I would like to think that McCain was being honest in the days prior to the vote when he said he wanted a return to normal Senate procedures. To that point, I think his vote to bring the bills up for discussion was the right thing to do.  We should be able to debate bills.  He seemed sincere about working together for the good of the country.

Although McConnell’s speech following the vote was divisive, I thought Chuck Schumer’s statement showed a willingness to work with the Republicans to come up with something to fix the ACA. Hopefully those listening will take it to heart. When I read statements like the one John Kasick wrote prior to the vote to repeal ACA, I believe we can find common ground to make things better for U.S. citizens.

In a world where we have 45, vitriol and derision have become normalized. Those who have a propensity for bullying have become emboldened. Still, I think decency and compassion are values held by most congress members. I’m hoping they will ignore his most recent ranting about “letting Obamacare implode” and get to work on make things better.

It seems to me 45 prefers the adulation—the hard work of getting tough legislation through congress is not something I see him taking on. Though he would make a fine king: making decrees by tweet and shouting “off with her head” to any who dare to defy him. Unfortunately for him, we are not an aristocracy. And, unfortunately for him:

covfefe You can't always get what you covfefe
From The Wisdom of the Covfefe by Derian Designs Coloring